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Welcome to Gull Guard. Based in Dover, Kent, we are a family business providing guards and other systems to prevent gulls from nesting on domestic and industrial roofs. Our solutions protect your property from damage, are affordable and actually work. We do not use spikes for guarding against Herring Gulls as the Gulls use spikes to hold their nesting material in place! Our Gull Guards are tailor-made for each space, using steel and galvanised aviary netting.

There are occasions when the gully around the chimney requires protection. We have designed and fitted various styles of guard to fit in these areas. These we call Chimney Cradles.

Wherever there is a problem, a Guard can be made to fit!

Flat roofs are another popular nesting area. We can protect flat roofs by installing Lining Systems. By fixing a frame on the two sides of the roof, we ensure the roof surface is not penetrated in any way.

Our Guards and Lining Systems have been proven to prevent Herring Gulls nesting on domestic and industrial roofs but we would like to balance this equation. Over the years we have become involved in rescuing young gulls and injured adult gulls, rehabilitating them before releasing them back into their environment. We are also regularly called upon by the RSPCA and RSPB to assist them in their recovery work.

We also provide other products for smaller birds. Please see our Gull Guard Products page for details.

Birds get their own back!

We pride ourselves on our service. If the customer is happy, they recommend us to others. Almost all of our work comes to us this way.

Mobile: 07414 232338

We will survey the property in order to establish that the chimney is in a fit state and that the pointing will hold fixing points. Should we find that the chimney is in a poor condition or that it is unsafe to have a unit fitted, we will issue a copy of the survey form to the customer. If we are happy with the condition of the area involved, we will send a quotation for the work required. If the customer decides they would like to go ahead, we will then take detailed measurements in order to provide a tailor-made solution.