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bespoke tailor made design systems

As each job we encounter is different, there is no fixed charge for a Gull Guard or other products. The Guards and Lining systems are a bespoke product made according to each specification.

Gull Guards

These guards are made from 6mm round mild steel. The shape and light weight of the guard prevents it from interfering in any way with the chimney flue or aerials. The steel is welded into shape to exactly fit your chimney and is then paint-treated to enhance its durability. Finally we cover the unit with galvanised aviary mesh.

Chimney Cradles

These cradles are made from 6mm round mild steel.The steel is welded into shape to exactly fit behind your chimney and is then paint-treated to enhance its durability. Finally we cover the unit with galvanised aviary mesh.

Ridge Lines

Our Ridge lines are made from galvanised wire and can be fitted as a single or triple line according to the width of the ridge. We also fit lines to ledges and window sills to prevent birds soiling the area beneath.

Lining/Valley Systems

Flat Roofs and valleys are often a popular nesting area, these can be protected by our Lining or Valley Systems. These systems prevent Gulls from landing. A frame is fitted on two sides of the roof approximately 300mm high allowing us to run lines to create a ‘cats cradle’ effect. We use tensioning springs so your roof is not penetrated in any way.


We don't recommend using spikes for Guarding against Herring Gulls as this just incises them to use the spikes to hold their nesting materials in place. Ideal for preventing pigeons roosting on window sills, guttering and pipes.

Chimney Cowls

These can be fitted to stop smaller birds entering your chimney flume. Chimney Cowls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

About Us

Gull Guard Ltd. provides guards and other systems to prevent birds nesting on domestic and industrial properties.

Based in Kent we cover all surrounding areas, including Dymchurch, New Romeney and Rye.

We will survey the property in order to establish that the chimney or area is in a fit state and that the pointing will hold fixing points. Should we find that the chimney is in a poor condition or that it is unsafe to have a unit fitted, we will discuss with the customer. If we are happy with the condition of the area involved, we will send a quotation for the work required. If the customer decides they would like to go ahead, we will then take detailed measurements in order to provide a tailor-made solution.

Wherever there is a problem, a Guard can be made to fit! None of our products are designed to harm or kill birds. We also provide other products and deterrents for smaller birds.

We pride ourselves on our service. If the customer is happy, they recommend us to others. Almost all of our work comes to us this way.

If you are experiencing problems with Gulls call 07414 232338 today for a FREE quotation

Gull Guard Advice

Do not feed the seagulls as they are very intelligent. Once they have located a source of food it won’t be just the family turning up for dinner!

As the Herring Gull is protected by law, you should not put up unsuitable netting or chicken wire on chimneys. Gulls get tangled and can become injured or hang dying on your chimney. This is extremely cruel and may result in your prosecution. All our products are gull/bird friendly.

If you find a young gull in your garden, do not let children or pets approach it as the parent birds will swoop down to protect their young. This can and does in many cases result in injury. In protecting their offspring, the parent gulls are only reacting as any parent would.

Baby Seagulls

We hope the above is of interest to you, please get in touch if you have any questions or queries. We will be pleased to help.

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